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Address of hotel:
11601 Zhytomyrska region, Malyn, Hrushevsky str., 12
(04133) 5-22-28, (04133) 5-25-45 tel./fax, 050-29-355-09.


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You can come to our hotel at any time – as for a family vacation or fora business visit to our city.

Comfortable apartments of «suite» and «semi-suite» category are modern fitted out, obtainable prices and hospitable staff.

In hotel you can find everything you need for a good rest after long trip or exhausting workday.

While you stay, hotel can satisfy all your needs for a comfortable and pleasant visit. You can feel home comfort away from your native.

We can offer you an apartment due to your requirements and tastes:
• toilet facility;
• sat-TV;
• air-conditioner;
• fridge.

At your service there is a massage parlour, after massage you will forget about wearinessand gather new strength.

We offer tea, coffee and cold drinks to your room.

In the same building there are shops, where you can buy necessary things, accessories and souvenirs.

You don’t need to organize your breakfast, dinner and supper there is bar and cafe on ground floor. Ukrainian cuisine in association with various entertainments gives you a possibility to relax and spend time with fun.

If you travel by auto it is comfort to use hotel parking.

Also you can rely on us for any information help.

We are glad to see you as our permanent client!!!

Free hotel services:
• porter;
• information services;
• ambulance call;
• wake up;
• Wi-Fi.

Paid services:
• conference hall;
• parking;
• laundry;
• drying;
• iron;
• meals (menu of cafe «Zamok Volodariv»).

№ of room Apartment category Photo of rooms Price, uah per night Price for 1 hour after check-out time, uah
5 Suite 2-rooms apartment
(total toilet facility, SAT-TV, Smart-TV, F, AC)
900,00 75,00
20 3-bed-room
(total toilet facility, DIG-TV, F, CA)

750,00 63,00
12 Semi-suite
(double bad, total toilet facility, SAT-TV, F, AC) 

620,00 52,00
17 Semi-suite
(double bad, total toilet facility, DIG-TV, Smart TV, F, AC)

 620,00 52,00
6 2-bed-room, standard
(total toilet facility, SAT-TV, F, AC) 

600,00 50,00
22 2-bed-room
(total toilet facility, DIG-TV, F, AC)

600,00 50,00
7 Single semi-suite
(total toilet facility, DIG-TV, F, AC) 

500,00 42,00
24 Standard (single)
(total toilet facility, DIG-TV, ventilator) 

 500,00 42,00
(partial toilet facility, DIG-TV, Smart-TV, ventilator)

700,00 58,00
14 EKO
(sofa, partial toilet facility, DIG-TV, ventilator)
700,00 58,00
16 2-bed-room
(partial toilet facility, DIG-TV, ventilator)
450,00 38,00
11 2-bed-room
(partial toilet facility, DIG-TV, ventilator)
450,00 38,00
10 Standard (single)
(partial toilet facility, DIG-TV, ventilator)
600,00 50,00
18 Standard (single)
(partial toilet facility, Smart TV, ventilator)
700,00 58,00
Check-out time – 12:00
After 12:00 – double price per hour

Додатково сплачується туристичний збір (1% від суми проживання) у разі відсутності наказу про відрядження від підприємства.

Additional services:
Laundry – 9 uah per one loading
Iron – 3 uah per unit
Parking: 10.00 – 20.00 USD. (depending on type of vehicle)
Iron – 3 uah per unitBreakfastto room
Dinner and supper – (payment in cafe «Zamok Volodariv»)
Ordering to apartment – free service
Visiting to massageparlour due to massage type and price list

Malyn, Hrushevsky str., 12. 

Rose petals, candlelight, refined glasses and champagne – in that wonderful atmosphere you will enter in elegant apartment of hotel «Ukraine». Romantically decorated apartment of «suite» category is waiting for you.

Apartment price – 410 uah.

In price included:
• «Suite» apartment living;
• Festive decoration with flowers;
• Champagne;

Also we offer individual decoration of apartment due to a client wishes.

Lovers – we are waiting for you!

Apartment reservation: tel. +38(04133) 5-25-45.

Location of Hotel «Ukraine»:
Hotel «Ukraine» is situated in the center of Malyn near river Irsha.

Address of hotel:
11601 Zhytomyrska region, Malyn, Hrushevsky str., 12

+380 (4133) 5-22-28, +380 (4133) 5-25-45 tel./fax, 050-29-355-09.

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